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These are average ranges most of our work in our gallery

or on Instagram is within, keep in mind, there is also delivery, set up, and breakdown feed ranging from 150-500, and NJ state sales tax.  


Bridal Bouquet $150-300
Bridesmaid Bo
uquet $65-150

Corsage $25-40

Boutonniere $15-20

Flower Crown $65-150

Posey $30-65

Toss Bouquet $40-50 (free with full order)

Flower Girl Petals/Posey $20-30

Hair Piece $30-50



Ceremony Arrangements $175-400

Pew or Chair Greens/Flowers $25-75

Arch/Chuppah Rental $300-1000

Arch/Chuppah Swag(s) $100-300 per ft

Aisle Petals $5-12 per foot


Sign Flowers/greens $30-100

Bud Vase $15-30

Cocktail Table Mini $30-50 

Low Centerpiece $110-200

 Tall Centerpiece $200-500

Farm table with loose greens, loose blooms, filler, floating candles, and votives (mostly used at Rock Island, Bear Brook, and Perona) $150-200

True Geenery Garland $28-35 per ft

True Garland, Floral and Greens $40-65 per ft

   Sweetheart Table Swag $200-600

Cake Flowers $25-50 (free with full order)

If the item is not on this list, feel free to reach out, these prices are never set in stone, there are options above and below, as each wedding is completely different from the next, we do our best to work within your budget, or to show you the best way to make the most of it every time.  


The best way to begin the process is by emailing us an itemized list of what you need, a few inspiration photos of the general style and colors you love, and where you will need to be budget wise.  We can take that information and show you what will best fit your needs!

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